Produce - A Wolf in the Kitchen

Great jams and jellies that remind you of a summer day when you open their lids. Useful Aioli, chutney and fruit pastes – no preservatives, no artificial additives or colours - beautiful for gift giving and to enjoy yourself..

"There has always been a Wolf in our kitchen. My Russian parents were both great cooks and our kitchen was always the heart of the home. Preserving the bounty from our garden and orchard was a seasonal occupation. Jars of dill tomatoes and cucumbers, pickled mushrooms and sauerkraut were always in abundance, and pots of jam opened in the depth of winter reminded us of sunny days. When friends visited they were fed, regardless of the time of day. Those special memories inspired my becoming a chef and restaurateur and in 1984 we opened the Lake House in Daylesford. I've had the good fortune to share our place with so many guests over the years and to welcome them to our table. Now we're delighted to have selection of favourite recipes to enjoy at home. As we say "Priatnogo appetita"... enjoy! "  Alla

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